Here are some recent pictures from the Reunion of some of those who grew up,
or spent summers, in Magniolia, MA, during the 1940s and 1950's.

Those who attended are:

Sunny Moran Breed

Marcia Moran Janes

Elaine Schofield

Lorna Griffin

Marianne Krupski Frontiero

Nancy Ernst Davis

Bob "Roddy" Strangman

John "Johnny" Dunbar

Jim "Jimmy" Groves

Carol Cardos Griffin

Betsy Wood

Joe "Joey" McCarthy

Sam Ina

Pat Cannon Kelliher

Virginia "Jini" Cannon Martin

Jim Gillooly

Sharon Burke Pablo

Elaine McSheffry Vinson

Jane Southworth

Also Attended

Roz Dunbar with John Dunbar

Carol Ina with Sam Ina

Sam & Carol Ina

Holly & Jessica with Jim Gillooly


Tim Moran (on the far right) also attended, but because he
took all of the other pictures, this is the only one he is in.